I Want to Make a Prediction

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I’m going to make a prediction. It isn’t anything earth-shattering or particularly original.

But I want to get my thoughts out here in public.

Because no matter what happens, those Republican excusers will try to make it seem like Trump didn’t say what we all heard him say. They’ll try to spin what he said to mean something entirely different than what he said. Like Congressman Dan Crenshaw, they’ll suggest that we should spend less time hearing what Trumpy says and more time trying to decode what he meant.


Welp. I’ve been watching a lot of C-span. I watch experts and leaders from all over the world as they try to decode what the absolute hell is happening out there in the world.

And here’s what I have learned, and what I predict.

I have noticed that every member of the Trump Team has stopped talking about the Chinese government. Now, I see, they are all talking about the “Chinese Communist Party”.

I have noticed that every scientist is saying that we don’t know exactly where or how this virus emerged. They are saying that it most likely existed in a species of bat, but moved into another animal, and then moved to people.

I have heard at least five scientists say with absolute certainty that the virus was not man-made or genetically manipulated. They have all said, more than once, that this thing came from a natural source.


I’ve also been watching the Trump administration on a bunch of sites. C-Span is my favorite because it comes with no spin and no opinion.

I’ve been putting it all together.

And here’s my prediction. Please mark the date of this article. You’ll be able to pull it out later, when the Trumpsters try to claim that we never said this.


  1. The Trump administration will no longer reference “China” or “Xi” or “The Chinese Government”. Nope. It’s going to be all about “The Chinese Communist Party.” This lets us focus on the evils of Communism while we ignore the history of Trump claiming to have a great friendship with Chinese President Xi.

To say that I’m disgusted with the current administration would be the hugest of all understatements.

I am constantly shocked to find myself living through the worst global crisis in my 64-year life. I can’t believe that people are dying all over the globe of a virus for which we have no treatment and no prevention. I can’t buy flour and that amazes me. My local farm has run out of chicken and pork, and that truly shocks me.

What doesn’t surprise me in the least is that my country is facing all of this with nobody in charge. It doesn’t surprise me that the President is inept, that he lies about the whole situation, that he has yet to express one word of sympathy for the 60,000 Americans who have died in the past three months.

I won’t be surprised that at the end of this tragedy the Trump storyline will tell us that Biden and the Communists tried to kill us, but that our brave leader rushed to protect us in spite of how badly hamstrung he was by the Obama administration. Get ready to hear about him inventing the ventilator.

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A Mother, a grandmother, a progressive voter. I write because it’s getting harder to march and because words are my only weapon. I blog at momshieb.blog

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