Famous Quotes for Trump’s Last Day

Photo by Marco Zuppone on Unsplash

I hate to be petty, but exactly four years ago I was in a car with friends on our way to Washington DC for the 2016 Women’s March. We were angry. We were scared. We had on our pink hats.

We didn’t break anything or smash any windows or try to kill anyone. We marched.

And, folks, we told you what was going to happen. And we were right.

So this morning I’m feeling just a wee bit snarky.

This is what I have to say today.

This is to you, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio. You’ve been sleeping with the dirtiest of dogs for four years. You’ve enabled him. You’ve coddled him. You’ve fed him treats. And every one of his bloodsucking, disease-ridden fleas is crawling all over you. You won’t be able to lie your way out of this one, fellas.

Dear Republican Party, this one is for you. You spent a lot of time and energy sucking up to the rich and powerful while you were running the show. You do that a lot. This time, though, with the Huckster in Chief in power, you thought you could just ignore the little guy completely. You told hungry American families that 2,000 bucks are way more than they need to feed their kids during a once-in-a-century pandemic. But you didn’t bat an eye at the bazillions being racked up by your capitalist buddies. Go, Jeff Bezos, right? Character, sirs, is how you treat people with no power. It’s how you help hungry and sick citizens. Character is recognizing that people need health care. They need education. They need help. Even the poor ones.

Truth exists, dear GOP. Truth exists. Reality exists. Facts are actually provable. No matter how many times you tell a lie, it’s still a lie. Sure, you can get the gullible to believe you. You can wear people down and convince them that up is down and night is day, but in the end, day will still be day. Reality will always be real. Facts will be facts. Truth will prevail. Liars will be known as liars.

To the media; we knew who Trumpie was when he claimed that President Obama wasn’t American. The level of his bitterness, his hatred, his selfishness were all right out there on display. Even so, you kept hoping he’d change. You were pulled in by his media savvy and you kept him on-screen every damn day through the 2016 campaign. It took you way, way too long to accept the fact that the man is corrupt from his ridiculous clown hair to his gnarly toes. He showed us who he is. You should have believed him.

That’s all.

Character counts. Dear Donald J. Trump, you have none. You have none. Character counts, dear Lindsey Graham. Swinging back and forth from “he’s a kook” to he’s my hero shows your complete lack of anything that even resembles character. Character counts. Basic human decency counts. Encouraging people to beat each other isn’t character. Lying every time you speak is not character. Standing up for a criminal is not proof of character, Ted Cruz.

Goodbye, good riddance, Donald Trump. May you and all who helped you disappear forever into the trashheap of history.

A Mother, a grandmother, a progressive voter. I write because it’s getting harder to march and because words are my only weapon. I blog at momshieb.blog

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