Dear GOP, Spare Me the Fake Outrage

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So here we are, more than two years into the administration of Donald J. Trump. Here we are, after more than two years of shockingly irresponsible behavior and thousands of lies.

We’ve managed to survive more than two full years of Donald Trump denying the facts reported to us by his own intelligence community. He has refused to acknowledge the well-established fact that the Russians tried to screw up our election. The Mueller investigation resulted in no fewer than 34 criminal indictments based upon Russia’s interference in our election.

The FBI corroborates these findings. The CIA went even further, not only supporting the fact that Russia interfered, but that the interference was intended to elect one Donald J. Trump.

Trump still won’t admit any of this.

After more than two years of watching this man twist the truth into various pretzel shapes, after months of watching him suck up to every despot on earth, we find ourselves watching him squirm and writhe in the face of the long-expected impeachment inquiry.

Trump has not changed one tiny bit in the past two years. He continues to attack every single person who questions his complete and supreme power over this country. He continues to bend over for every autocrat on earth.

We’ve all seen it. We all understand it.

Donald. Trump. Loves. Autocrats.

Especially autocrats who can help his bottom line.


Today we find ourselves faced with Trump’s latest suck up to a despot. Today the President of the United States announced that he would pull back our troops in Syria to allow the Turkish despot, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to attack and wipe out our allies, the Kurds.

Why is this happening?

Shit, who knows?

Maybe it’s because the Trump family owns a big hotel in Turkey? Maybe it’s because our President really, really admires tyrants?

Who knows, really.

But what this decision has finally revealed is the very thin thread that has tied so many Republican leaders to their dishonest, mentally ill, impulsive leader.

We know this because today we have seen the likes of Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador under Trump, acting completely outraged at the actions taken by her former boss. “Leaving allies to die,” she cries, “is a big mistake.”

Oh, really? How the hell does this surprise you, Ms. Haley? Were you deaf when you worked for this guy? Were you shutting your eyes and hoping for the best? What?

I’m sorry, Ms. Nikki, but I am not buying your shock at his behavior.

And then we have none other than Lindsey “Mr. chameleon” Graham, calling out the President for abandoning our allies.

Seriously, Lindsey?

Where were you when Trump was attacking Germany, the UK, France? Where were you when he was ranting against NATO?

Seems to me that you were pretty damned silent during those ignorant tirades.

And Senator Romney, don’t think you’re getting away unscathed, either. We all saw you call the man a fraud back when it was easy. Then we watched as you shared a dinner with him, bowing and scraping and hoping for a job.

Now we get to hear you, once again, attacking Trump for his impeachable behavior in regards to Ukraine.

So here we are, more than two years after this country for some inexplicable reason, elected a mentally unstable, totally unqualified, failed businessman as President. Most of us are unsurprised to find that the man is completely incompetent and that he has broken pretty much every law that he’s come up against in an effort to make himself look smarter than he is, more informed than he is, and more effective than he could ever hope to be.

Most of us are simply shaking our heads and hoping it will all be over soon.

But some of you, dear GOP leaders, are suddenly acting as if the recent unhinged behavior of our President is a shock.

I call bullshit, to quote one of my heroes. Nikki Haley, you knew exactly what you were getting when you signed on to represent this awful man in the UN. Don’t be acting all shocked now.

Lindsey Graham, you should be ashamed of yourself. You knew he was a kook when you called him one. You knew he was unfit to serve as President. You knew it, you said it, but once he was sworn in, you became his biggest enabler.

So don’t you be coming out now and bemoaning the situation for the Kurds. You KNEW he was unstable. You KNEW he would put his own financial interests ahead of anything that might help the rest of us.

I’m just so disgusted with the GOP. So saddened, so let down, so demoralized.

You all knew who it was that you were supporting, just because he has recently joined “your team”. You knew he was a liar. You knew he was a narcissist. You knew he was a total failure.

But you backed him up because you wanted your “team” to win.

So don’t go acting all shocked and upset now that the lying narcissist you all stood behind is acting in his own self interest.

We do not want to hear it.

Nikki, Lindsey, Mitt, et al: You signed up for this shit. You own it.

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A Mother, a grandmother, a progressive voter. I write because it’s getting harder to march and because words are my only weapon. I blog at

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