Dear Covid Denying Protester

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Dear Protestor,

Yes, you. The one who is demanding your constitutional right to get a haircut and your freedom to grocery shop without a mask.

I have a little newsflash for you:

No man is an island. You don’t live in a plastic bubble. Your tiny saliva drops go flying all around you and they land on the rest of us. Even though you can’t see them, they’re real.

Let me fill you in on what you did last week when you marched around town demanding your rights.

See, you dont realize it, but you carry the virus. You don’t know it because you’re one of the many, many asymptomatic virus carriers. But whether you knew it or not, you shared a lot more than your opinion when you went marching around in public.

Remember when you stopped for gas on your way to the city? You didn’t wipe down the handle of the pump and you didn’t wear gloves. The car behind you was driven by a woman on her way to work at the local pharmacy. She put her hand where yours was. Then she rubbed her eye.

She has coronavirus now, but she doesn’t know it. She’ll be shedding the virus for the next ten days before she gets sick. Her 84 year Mom lives with her. Oops.

You know the other guy in the photo you put on Instagram? He has heart disease. You weren’t wearing a mask. Either was he because you’re manly men and all that. While you were yelling “Lock her up!” you infected him. In two weeks he’ll be on a ventilator. In four he’ll be dead and buried.

Then there was the legislative assistant that you passed in the hall. Without your mask. She caught it from you, too. She’s eight weeks pregnant. She won’t carry to term because of how sick she’ll get with the virus.

And while you were marching around the streets, you passed a pediatric nurse on her way to her next shift. You stopped beside her while waiting to cross the street. She got it from you, too. And in spite of her PPE, her handwashing, and all of her precautions, next week she will make a mistake and expose one of her patients to the virus. That patient is a 4-year-old girl with a heart defect.

Now do you understand?

Your enemy isn’t the governor. It isn’t the other political party.

It’s a tiny, microscopic virus that doesn’t distinguish between a middle-aged guy and a sick baby. It’s relentless. It’s only purpose is to replicate itself by infecting as many hosts as possible as quickly as it can.

This isn’t really about you or your perceived freedoms. It’s about all of us behaving like decent human beings and not threatening other people just because we’re pissed off.

Decent human beings don’t threaten each other with loaded weapons or weaponized breath.

Just stay the hell at home and learn how to bake or something.

Written by

A Mother, a grandmother, a progressive voter. I write because it’s getting harder to march and because words are my only weapon. I blog at

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