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Yesterday was the birthday of beloved children’s author ‘Dr. Suess’. It was also the day that the company which owns the rights to his books, Dr. Suess Enterprises, announced that it would no longer publish six of his books because of their outdated racist imagery.

Fox News and other conservative outlets spent the day ranting against “cancel culture” and bemoaning the loss of access to Suess’s work. Many, many Americans agreed, and social media was deluged with complaints about censorship, book banning and overreactions by “woke” leftists.

Good heavens.

I am here to try…

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I’ve tried to write this piece five times in the past three days, but words keep failing me. Emotions rise up, my fingers tremble and I find myself thinking, “What’s the point of even saying anything?” And I delete everything. Then I try again.

This time I’m not going to think too hard. I’m going to just let it flow. I may need to apologize to some people, so I’ll do that right up front. I’m a teacher; we tend to be polite.

I’m retired now, but I was a teacher for three decades. My daughter is a public school…

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I haven’t written here for weeks.

I lost my voice a while ago. Covid took it, and I had no idea how to get it back.

I’ve been enormously lucky, and I know that. As the United States passes the point of half a million deaths from this terrible new disease, I am one of the few who can say that I have not lost anyone close to me. …

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What can she be thinking?

So here I sit, just another regular American Karen, watching the impeachment trial of the former President. I’m watching the footage of people rampaging through the US Capital, screaming about how they want to kill Mike Pence.

And I’m thinking of Karen Pence. Another middle-aged lady like me; happily married for decades to her honey. Another teacher lady who worked while raising three kids.

So much like me.

Tonight I can’t help but wonder, what is Karen Pence thinking right now?

I have no idea because she hasn’t spoken out. But I can tell you this much: if I were…

Tired parents, rejoice!

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Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

“It all started innocently enough,” says new entrepreneur Michelle Stepanic. “One day I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Five cups of coffee and I was still falling asleep while pretending to be Sven from Frozen. My kids were getting increasingly frustrated and I was getting whiplash from them shaking me so hard.”

Smiling at the memory, Stepanic continues her story. “I was getting desperate for a nap. The kids were getting desperate for a conscious Sven. So I had to be creative.”

The young mom, whose kids range in age from ten months to five years, describes how her…

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Photo by Marco Zuppone on Unsplash

I hate to be petty, but exactly four years ago I was in a car with friends on our way to Washington DC for the 2016 Women’s March. We were angry. We were scared. We had on our pink hats.

We didn’t break anything or smash any windows or try to kill anyone. We marched.

And, folks, we told you what was going to happen. And we were right.

So this morning I’m feeling just a wee bit snarky.

This is what I have to say today.

1.“If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

This is to you, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio. You’ve…

I’m kind of glad I didn’t read this before I had my kids

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Dear Hopeful, Excited Young Me,


You are about to fulfill your deepest, most precious dream. At long last, you are about to become a MOTHER!

Tonight, the night before the birth of your first sweet little munchkin, you will wake up at midnight with simultaneous thoughts. “Why does my back feel like a rabid monkey is trying to claw his way out?” and “Holy shit….there is only ONE way this giant lump of human is going to get out of me!”

The reality of new motherhood will strike you, and you will lumber upright, grab your husband by the…

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I’m sitting here looking out my window. It’s cold and gray, and the woods look depressingly empty of life. The news is on, but I’m not paying full attention. I’m sad. I’m scared for the next few days in my country. I’m sad about the past four years. And actually the four before that. And going back even further.

I’m remembering the days of Occupy Wall Street, when thousands of people felt so cheated by the economic and governmental systems of the US that they took to the streets to protest. There were huge crowds of angry people blocking banks…

So you can keep on loving them back

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Image by Jen Theodore via Unsplash

Every parent knows that if you want to raise a healthy, happy kid, you must provide said kid with unconditional love. We all know that we are supposed to love the little tyrants no matter what they do. But it’s hard to love unconditionally during the 28th tantrum of the day when we start to wonder if deep down the kid secretly hates us. They seem a bit less lovable when they’re screaming, “I hate you so much my head hurts!” Still, difficult or not, we know we have to love them. …

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It’s late. The moon is just past full, and stars are peeking between the branches of the leafless trees. It’s cold, but not as cold as it should be in Massachusetts on the last day of the year.

My husband has gone to bed, but I am restless. I haven’t stayed up to see the New Year in for a few years. But this year is different.

Everything is different.

This year the ending of the calendar count feels momentous. It feels like rebirth, like renewal. …

Karen Shiebler

A Mother, a grandmother, a progressive voter. I write because it’s getting harder to march and because words are my only weapon. I blog at

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